About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of Nicholson Builders is to offer the finest construction experience through innovative design, exceptional service, quality craftsmanship, trustworthy communication and lasting relationships.

Shared Ethics

The people of Nicholson Builders will make every effort to demonstrate the courage of their convictions and do what is right. Doing what is right is of the highest priority. It transcends current circumstances, natural inclinations and personal knowledge.

Nicholson Builders is committed to excellence. For the company to attain excellence, the people of Nicholson Builders need to do likewise. Excellence is the result of high character merging with high competence. We must be willing to communicate honestly, inviting and positively receiving the encouragement, criticism, counsel and wisdom of others to achieve our goal.

Serving Others
Nicholson Builders is committed to the service of others both internal and external. This requires us to be truly compassionate and consider others before ourselves. We must demonstrate humility, admit errors, seek reconciliation, and make every effort to foster relationships of mutual respect among ourselves, with our clients and our trade partners.

Nicholson Builders’ people have a desire to continuously learn and be challenged. We will foster an environment of patient, teaching relationships to advance the experience and knowledge of those around us.

Our History

Nicholson Builders was founded in 2003 after a series of events unfolded and created the perfect set of circumstances for Bill Nicholson to begin his own remodeling company in Columbus, Ohio. Nicholson Builders can trace its roots back to the early 90’s when Bill Nicholson worked for his brother John at his company Nicholson/Evans Construction. Afterwards, Bill had the opportunity to remodel his parents’ house with an excellent master finish carpenter named Dave Collins. Bill found that he enjoyed carpentry and had a God-given ability for it. Bill went on to work with Dave for sometime before working with Dave Fox Remodeling, and finally J.S. Brown & Company, prior to starting Nicholson. A passage from the cover story of Builder/Architect magazine, named “Nicholson Builders – Winning Ways with Remodeling,” describes Bill’s situation at the time…

Most entrepreneurs feel driven to their vocation; the extraordinarily successful may even feel they’ve been led to opportunities by– and for– a higher purpose. That is certainly the case with Bill Nicholson, President of Nicholson Builders.

“Everyone, from my wife to the subcontractors I worked with to clients themselves, kept saying, ‘You’re so passionate about what you’re doing, why don’t you go out and start your own business?'” – Bill Nicholson (Builder/Architect Vol.16, No. 4)

So he did.

Nicholson Builders has witnessed amazing growth since 2003. We have now won multiple awards and completed hundreds of remodeling projects in the Columbus area.

The Process

The Nicholson Builders remodeling process starts with you and ends with you. Once you have decided to have Nicholson propose a remodeling solution for your home, we will meet with you at your residence in order to get a feel for your unique situation. We listen to your needs, desires, and any frustrations you may have with your current home in order to create the perfect design for you.

After discussing your ideas and our ideas, we will take measurements and photos of your house and property. After returning to our office, we then digitally recreate your existing home in order to provide an immersive, three-dimensional, digital environment in which we can essentially remodel your home before we ever actually show up to your house with a toolbelt.

Throughout the design process, we will be in frequent communication with you to let you know our progress and the direction we are heading in with your project.

After settling on the design we feel is right for you, we will meet to discuss it, get feedback from you, and make any revisions necessary.

Once you approve of the final design, we will begin to create “construction documents” . Normally we are required to submit these drawings to the local building authority for review and authorization to build. Once we submit the documents, it may take anywhere from 2-5 weeks to get the approval to begin work on your home.

After you we have received approval from the local building authority to commence construction on the remodeling of your home, we will setup our job sign on your property and get to work. We pride ourselves in keeping a clean jobsite, so you will not have to worry about cleaning up after the contractors that will be visiting your home each day.

Throughout the construction process, the project manager in the field, as well as the design consultant in the office, will be in contact with you about all facets of your project and how it is going in order to see that you receive the best service and remodeling experience available.

Nicholson Builders is passionate about remodeling and we are excited about the opportunity to work with you and help you see your remodeling dreams come to life before your eyes.