The Nicholson Story

Bill Nicholson

Bill Nicholson

Early 90’s

In the early nineties while attending The Ohio State University, Bill Nicholson began his career alongside his older brother, John at Nicholson Evans Construction.  Shortly thereafter, Bill had the opportunity to remodel his parents’ home located in German Village. During this time Bill would meet his future business partner, Mike Fought.  Collaborating with master finish carpenter, David Collins, it was here Bill found he had a natural talent and passion for carpentry work. After completing a degree in construction technologies, Bill went on to work with other professional firms in the industry, including project managing for Dave Fox and managing a division of J.S. Brown & Company.

Bill Nicholson & Mike Fought

Bill Nicholson & Mike Fought


After a series of fortunate events in 2003, Bill decided it was the perfect time to establish his own remodeling company in Columbus, Ohio.

Everyone from Bill’s wife to the subcontractors he worked with to clients themselves, kept saying, “You’re so passionate about what you’re doing, why don’t you go out and start your own business?”  And that is exactly what Bill decided to do.

With business booming within just a few short months Bill approached good friend and Aeronautical Engineer, Mike Fought for help.  A partnership was soon cemented which continues to this day.  While Bill brings a passion for construction details and customer service, Mike brings an engineering mind for systems and processes.


Since its founding in 2003, Nicholson Builders has seen amazing growth throughout the Central Ohio region. The Nicholson team has become one of the most sought after design-build remodeling firms in the area, winning numerous awards for design and construction and building hundreds of projects. Long-standing partnerships with past clients are the hallmark of the Nicholson tradition. To this day the Nicholson team continues the long-standing tradition of partnering with their clients year after year.


Our Values

Our desire at Nicholson Builders is to offer the finest construction experience through innovative design, exceptional service, quality craftsmanship, trustworthy communication and lasting relationships.

Serve Others
Nicholson Builders is committed to the service of others both internal and external. This requires us to be truly compassionate and consider others before ourselves. We must demonstrate humility, admit errors, seek reconciliation, and make every effort to foster relationships of mutual respect among ourselves, with our clients and our trade partners.

Pursue Excellence & Growth
Nicholson Builders is committed to excellence. For the company to attain excellence, the people of Nicholson Builders need to do likewise. Excellence is the result of high character merging with high competence. We must be willing to communicate honestly, inviting and positively receiving the encouragement, criticism, counsel and wisdom of others to achieve our goal.

Practice Exceptional Stewardship
Nicholson Builders is committed to caring for and efficiently utilizing the resources required for our business. We will demonstrate trust and respect as we operate each day. 

Forge Lasting Relationships

Nicholson Builders is committed to placing a priority on people and the relationships that are uniquely developed with our clients and partners.  Lasting relationships are the foundation of all we accomplish.