Here at Nicholson Builders, we love making you ecstatic about your project. Below are just a few of the many wonderful things our homeowners have said about their experiences with us. You can also read our satisfaction surveys here.

“Exceeded our expectations. Love the finished project. Professionalism, quality of work both above and beyond.”
Sally Hough and Don AndersonWorthington, 4/2/19
“Many people talk about the horror stories during construction. This was absolutely not the case for us and our experience with Bill, Amy and Erik. The amount and quality of communication was excellent. All were very responsive to any questions or concerns we had during the process. As first time builders, it was nice to have their expertise and guidance to help us navigate some of the decisions. It also meant a great deal to me that they included my dad in the process. The entire team were patient with his questions and took ownership to make sure his space would be welcoming and warm. It is reassuring to know that he will be able to age in place with little adapting required due to the advanced design. It has been a pleasure to work with Nicholson and we are already planning for our next project! Thanks for becoming a part of our extended family!”
Karen Pillion and Joni PaxtonSunbury, 3/24/19
“Very happy with the work. After having used another contractor last summer on a bathroom we very much appreciate Nicholson’s care to keep the house clean!”
Amy and Nick WhalenUpper Arlington, 3/18/19
“Great experience from start to finish! Peter made several trips to make sure I had the samples necessary to make a good color choice and to discuss most cost-efficient ways to get the project done. Technicians were friendly, knowledgeable, detail-oriented and left my home in good shape. I’ll certainly come back to Nicholson for future projects!”
Kathy TepperDublin, 3/4/19
“Joe did a super job as my on site contractor. Bryan is a pleasure to work with too. So happy to have the repairs finished so fast and neatly! Thank you.”
Denise WiblePowell, 2/26/19
“As always, superior service and attention to detail. Thank you!!”
Vanessa OlceseUpper Arlington, 1/24/19
“Peter was amazingly responsive and turned our project around way faster than we expected.”
Matt SimonDublin, 1/14/19
“The windows are BEAUTIFUL!! and functional — they open/close easily and provide so much more airflow! And OUTSTANDING EXCELLENCE in the installation. I never imagined the breakfast nook windows could be lined up — and they made it happen. So cool. The exterior trim option is spot on too — Chris has a great eye for detail and results. The total job: just wow. 🙂
They’re so nice it makes me want that same quality throughout.. but there’s a kitchen remodel to do first 😉 “
Becky RandelinWesterville, 8/24/18
“Great communication and attention to detail. All the guys that came out to the home were great too.”
Vanessa OlceseUpper Arlington, 7/31/18
“Very responsive; spaces designed exactly as we wanted!”
Amy SchoenPowell, 7/20/18
“Communication seems to be a hallmark of Nicholson Builders on top of doing top quality work. I have never dealt with anyone from Nicholson that wasn’t a knowledgeable professional. The finished product was stunning.”
Mary RikhoffLewis Center, 6/18/18
“The work was done with excellence and professionalism, as is always the case with Nicholson Builders. Todd did an excellent job as the project manager.”
Kelly and Jim PriorWesterville, 5/16/18
“For the overall project, Miranova condo and my home in Clintonville, I could not be happier with the work. Bryan Copley was clear, concise and most willing to jump through the many hoops of a large condo building. The crew, led by Chris Hawkins, was excellent. From the beginning I sensed that they knew what they were going to do, addressed and answered all my questions, were courteous and timely and cleaned up everyday. I would give Nicholson Builders a 5-star rating. Thank you Chris and the whole crew!”
Barbara KocabClintonville, 4/26/18
“Bill, Thanks so much for taking care of these items that needed attention… including sending the plumber last week asap. You guys are so great to work with and have built a special company that clearly has delivered on it’s promise! We so appreciate what you do and how you do it – thank you!”
Pam Springer and Deb GreeneBeechwold, 3/6/18
“I just wanted to write to thank you, Peter, and Josiah for doing such a fantastic job for us on our bathroom renovation. We have really enjoyed working with you all. The entire process was very smooth. I really appreciated all of your help and guidance in the planning stages, and Peter and Josiah did a terrific job with the renovation. We were so impressed with their professionalism and excellent work. We have done a number of renovations in our house over the years – but from start to finish, Nicholson was by far the best company we have worked with. Thank you again for everything! We will definitely be in touch again for future projects.”
AmyBexley, 3/5/18
“It’s important to trust and feel comfortable with the people who are working in your home week after week and with Jason and his team we totally had that.”
Melinda WhitneyHilliard, 2/6/18
“It’s always a pleasure to have work done by Nicholson Builders, they even clean up.”
Sharonah LaemmleClintonville, 9/7/17
“Great company to work with all around.”
David SichkoJohnstown, 6/27/17
“Love working with everyone I come into contact with!”
Jackie CalnonDublin, 6/22/17
“After 8 years of searching, Nicholson Builders: small projects and handyman division is the first company where we have had success finding knowledgeable and quality people to help us problem solve and solve our issues. I am so grateful for this company and the qualified people that work there to help us fix the issues with our home! In the past we have had people skirt around our issues or do “band-aid” fixes. None of that happened with Nicholson!”
Kim RozgoDublin, 6/20/17
“Everyone we worked with was great!”
Preston DanielClintonville, 6/15/17
“Recently, Nicholson completed a major remodel of our home in Upper Arlington. The quality of their work and service was superb – beyond compare! And so we were quite pleased to learn that their Small Projects and Handyman Division offers the same excellence. We feel quite satisfied and also relieved to have found the handyman service that we will use from now on. Nicholson Builders are entirely trustworthy, highly skilled and just plain nice to have in your home.”
Susan RogersUpper Arlington, 6/10/17
“I cannot express my gratitude enough for how smoothly this renovation went and the detail in the quality of work. Truly a great team at Nicholson.”
Audra OrwigJohnstown, 4/21/17
“We look forward to more work with Nicholson Builders. The company you and Mike have created has such high standards, we are always very pleased with the quality of the work.”
Jack KukuraMarble Cliff, 3/3/17
“Absolutely love Nicholson Builders! They did an awesome job on everything and we will use them for all future projects.”
Jessica DavisDelaware, 2/8/17
“We are very pleased with our new kitchen. It looks great. We appreciate all the work Andy has done.”
Craig McDowellWorthington, 1/4/17
“Nicholson’s handyman division, which Bryan oversees, has renovated both of our bathrooms … and is doing the kitchen in Jan/Feb. I only have positive things to report and Craig would tell you the same … Bryan and his team (Joe – who does absolutely impeccable work … and seems to appreciate and enjoy the nuances of an old home) have been outstanding and upstanding in every regard. Not only are they entirely competent and fair/honest, but people of high integrity. I felt comfortable enough with Bryan’s team (Joe and his staff) to leave my kids alone with them on a couple of occasions. I’ve had several friends (in Bexley) do major house renovations (with Nicholson’s main competitors) and had very different experiences, leading to time and money wasted and a lot stress.”
Carolyn GuntherBexley, 12/20/16
“Al did a great job for us. Had a wonderful attitude and did good work. Very professional. Adam is amazing! Does perfect tile work every time.”
Risa LazaroffWorthington, 10/26/16
“Both Doug and Steve are wonderful to work with. We appreciate their attention to detail. We have complete confidence in them. Their professionalism is a model. It is wonderful to be in this home after the work Nicholson has done.”
Charlie Miles and Richard PrystowskyGranville, 10/6/16
“I have nothing but positive things to say about the company and the work crew!”
Linda BeckettOld Beechwold, 9/29/16
“We were thrilled with the entire process of our project. Brian, Al, John and Heather were pleasures to work with and we love how our room turned out.”
James and Nicole RudaDublin, 9/21/16
“My home was cleaner when the guys left daily than when they arrived.”
Christina HewittUpper Arlington, 9/15/16
“Bryan Copley had great suggestions within our price range of how to best finish our unfinished attic space to make it comfortable and usable space. Peter and Asa are extremely knowledgeable and do expert work. Their craftsmanship is what we expect when we hire Nicholson Builders.”
Kimberly NadurDublin, 8/10/16
“The best!”
Darla AbrahamPowell, 8/10/16
“Al and Asa were exceptional workers. They are perfectionists (difficult to find nowadays). They did an excellent job and their work exceeded my expectations. I am very pleased with the work done.”
June McComisWorthington, 6/23/16
“Nicholson Builders were a great blessing to our family. Amazing workmanship and professionalism. True, first-rate quality results. Beyond expectations. Thank you!”
Susan RogersUpper Arlington, 5/24/16
“I was impressed by the coordination among various Nicholson workers and subcontractors. Everyone’s attention to detail, especially carpenters and tilers, was gratifying.”
Kirk ArnottUpper Arlington, 5/10/16
Everyone I came in contact with at Nicholson was outstanding. Al Yoder was a great team leader. Bryan Copley did a thorough assessment of what was needed to correct problems. The quality of work, speed of completion and entire process exceeded expectations. Very professional.”
Karen GillmorTartan Fields, 4/21/16
“I am always thrilled with your company! I know I can trust everyone and the quality is always outstanding.”
Sherrie MooreDublin, 4/18/16
“Project manager Andy Keener kept us informed, was professional as well as friendly. He did a great job for us.”
Roger and Jennifer DzwonczykClintonville, 4/14/16
“Fantastic company and beautiful workmanship!”
Carla SuttonDublin, 4/01/16
“We are an Al Yoder fan! Bryan, Asa and Peter were also fantastic. We never felt like we couldn’t communicate or be understood. Bryan explained what needed to occur for the renovation to be completed. Al is a wealth of decades of knowledge.”
Paul and Kimberly NadurDublin, 3/29/16
“We are very pleased with the bathroom! The difference already is tremendous. We particularly thought that Joe and the rest of the crew were fantastic. The work was great and they were extremely clean and courteous. Cannot say enough great things about them!”
Amanda GormanColumbus, 3/17/16
“This was the best, most professional group of contractors I have ever dealt with. You would have hardly known they were here working.”
Mary RikhoffLewis Center, 3/03/16
“All communication was prompt, professional and friendly. Cleanliness and cleanup was thorough. Quality was outstanding.”
Jennifer CartmelClintonville, 2/26/16
“The site manager for my project was outstanding. His attention to detail was great and gave me peace of mind throughout the project. He took initiative when necessary and provided thorough explanations regarding plan/progess.”
Linda KovregNew Albany, 1/27/16
“Dear Mr. Nicholson,
A short note to convey my thanks for your company’s commitment to excellent craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. I am speaking of Bryan Copley’s recent effort to correct some issues that developed in the panel doors of our dining room transition project completed last year. With the change of seasons, some unexpected warping marred an otherwise superb piece of unique precision cabinetry. From the outset Bryan offered no excuses and demonstrated a congenial dedication to fixing the problem. Sensitive to the time and unreimbursed costs being incurred, I offered compromise alternatives but Bryan was commendably unwavering in his desire to get it right. Ultimately it took three iterations to reach a solution and my respect for his tenacity and attention to detail couldn’t be higher. It is why I asked him to take on a window replacement project that we completed last week and are in discussion on yet another, more unusual project.
Bryan is a superb representative of Nicholson Builders and a strong example of the integrity and professionalism that are the hallmark of your company. I appreciate your continued commitment to excellent and hope you have the very best of holidays.”
Demetri CapetanopoulosUpper Arlington, 12/20/15
“Steve is wonderful! He kept us informed along every step of the project and was so conscientious about our comfort level, our schedules and our cats’ safety. We appreciate him and Nicholson Builders very much.”
Tim and Erin RichardsNew Alabny, 11/13/15
“Hi Bill. I just wanted to thank you again for your prompt response. As always, you were quick to respond and Eddie is here today to fix things, so there is no delay on our hardscape project. It is so good to know that we can always count on you, no matter how long it has been since our last project. We really appreciate Nicholson Builders.”
Kitty MizelleOld Beechwold, 8/24/15
Wanted to drop you a line to tell you how pleased I was with the process of getting our project done. I know weather was an issue, but oh well. I especially appreciated the communication given to me that kept me updated on what was next on the agenda. This was particularly necessary considering my weird sleep schedule. I can’t say enough good things about Alfred and Brian Clark especially. I really appreciated them being on the project–polite, kept things clean, and outstanding work.”
Jenn DoukakisMarysville, 7/13/15
“Hi Bill,
Bryan from your Handyman Division just left, and everything is great, of course. I’m just writing to tell you that Tim and I marveled after he left at your talent for finding the most wonderful people to work for you. Bryan was just lovely! And not only did he install the kitchen faucet and hang a mirror, but he fixed the doors on the island that didn’t close. They’re perfect!
Erin McCahanNew Albany, 2/4/15
“You were outstanding.”
Jackie CalnonTartan Fields, 1/13/15
“We just love the look of it and our entire kitchen project turned out to perfection! Thanks to everyone at Nicholson Builders!!!”
Craig and Barb RuschmannBeechwold, 1/7/15
“Hi Bill, just wanted to send a quick thank you for the photos! We really enjoyed seeing them! We are honestly loving everything about our new spaces. You and your team did an amazing job. We are very happy and grateful! Thanks again!”
Jenny TulencikClintonville, 11/19/14
“I adore the results of our collaboration! The color scheme, stonework, landscaped lawns without random walls and pools and foundations– it’s all so beautiful! What a magnificent and magical place this is! You were truly a gift that walked into our lives and transformed our space in an amazing way that we couldn’t have imagined on our own.”
Amy MacionisMt. Vernon, 8/18/14
“Aaron was great; always very considerate – great work, quality and attention to detail.”
Cheryl BakerBexley, 4/9/14
“We couldn’t be more pleased with our remodel experience or with the professionalism, integrity, and workmanship of NBI.”
Jim and Kelly PriorWesterville, 3/25/14
“I should tell you, Tony did a perfect job. It looks like the original cabinets weren’t even touched; I was very impressed with his work. Thank you for continuing to hire people who deliver the best. I know I can always count on your company to do an outstanding job no matter which team member you send out!”
Jill RothermundDublin, 1/20/14
“Dear John, I want to thank you and Matt for the inspiration and passion you have put into designing our sacred space. I also really want to thank you for your brilliant vision, acknowledging the grandeur of our trees and knowing that it’s how you weave us, carefully and delicately, into this space that makes all the difference. Thank you thank you thank you for working with us, lending us your creative spirit, gifting us with what our eyes couldn’t see without YOU!”
Amy MacionisMt. Vernon, 12/21/13
“Company attention to details are commendable.”
Mary B. CoonsClintonville, 12/17/13
“Our bathroom is now like living in a luxury hotel. The attention to detail, the way you treated our home like it belonged to you, are much appreciated. Chuck is terrific. You are lucky to have him as an employee.”
Cat HackettUpper Arlington, 12/9/13
“Excellent work – much appreciated. Thanks for transforming the downstairs!”
Sandy Doyle-AhernBlacklick, 11/19/13
“I have been so busy I have not had a chance to send an email to say how much I loved working with your guys. They are simply awesome. Couldn’t have been a better experience. I am looking forward to selling our house and moving into a new one so we can call you again for more work 🙂 Have a super week.”
Pat MyersWesterville, 10/17/13
“Everything is going nicely, thank you. Chuck is very pleasant and accommodating. He makes every effort to be as unobtrusive as possible. Everyone I know that has done remodeling, at some point, has had a complaint about the process. I must be the exception because I can’t think of anything to complain about. Even the cats are adjusting. Nicole was here last week and again mentioned the lack of dust from the project. All is well. My next mission is to convince Mike that redoing the kitchen is his idea and it needs to be done ASAP :)”
Cat HackettUpper Arlington, 10/16/13
“Went way above and beyond. Just amazing people.”
John and Amber KoppenhoferHilliard, 9/21/13
“I want to key a note to say the guys are doing an absolutely superb job on the our project. The attention to detail is truly appreciated. Make sure you pass this information on to them. We are certain we hired the “right guys” for the job.”
Daniel GalbraithGerman Village, 8/27/13
“We are very happy that we chose Nicholson Builders for our project. Bryan did a great job helping us through the entire process: selections, ordering, and installation. He answered our questions quickly.”
Norma LindPowell, 6/15/13
“My overall exeprience was wonderful. Aaron and Kevin were very professional and considerate of my family and our needs (i.e. working around my son’s naps). Excellent craftsmanship!”
Rebecca TienClintonville, 5/24/13
“Excellent to work with – so professional and honest. Subcontractors care about their work. You can tell they love working for Nicholson and customer care.”
Stacy ThompsonNew Albany, 5/23/13
“I thought everything that was done was excellent. Britain was always on time and did excellent work. He never seemed rushed, and I know he was very busy. Also, my daughter really liked him which made me very comfortable having him in the house.”
Amanda BarcusClintonville, 5/19/13
“We are extremely pleased with Nicholson’s job on our bathroom remodel. Every employee who came through the door was courteous, hard working and very professional. The remodel was done to perfection with every detail done to our satisfaction. We highly recommend this company!”
Sherry and Jack BjerkeUpper Arlington, 5/9/13
“We are totally impressed and happy with our remodel. Not only was the quality of the work exceptional, but all employees were respectful, kind, and easy to work with. Thank you all so much.”
Sherry and Jack BjerkeUpper Arlington, 4/29/13
“And we LOVE living in our home! I so appreciate the flow, not just spatially but of colors and textures, too. It is an incredibly beautiful space and could not have happened without our partnering with you. Thank you thank you!!”
Amy MacionisMt. Vernon, 3/12/13
“I had a great afternoon today with Britton here working on all my projects. Really, I think every one of the Nicholson people I have come in contact with over the years have been so pleasant. You all seem to enjoy your jobs and I always trust that each of you are telling me the truth about what needs to be done for whatever project I’m working on at the time. That trust issue is huge with me and I so appreciate all of you.”
Jim and Diane RayClintonville, 1/22/13
“Always exceed expectation!”
John GallagherPowell, 9/22/12
““I have nothing but the highest praise for all Nicholson personnel I’ve met and talked with to date. In the cut-throat builder’s profession, Nicholson and Staff are a breath of fresh air. Your team was not only professional and knowledgeable, but unobtrusive, respectful and very pleasant, and they left the sites spotless.”
May BonnaudClintonville, 12/23/17

“Bill, as I mentioned to Brian a couple of weeks ago, although I am delighted to have the renovation project completed, and so beautifully, I know that I’m going to miss the ongoing contact with the fine people of Nicholson Builders. I’m going to have to do my best to come up with another project as soon as possible!

Best wishes to you, Bill, and my congratulations on having assembled such an exceptional group of associates.”

Don LarsonOld North, 5/21/12
“Dear Bill: As you probably know, the renovation of my kitchen and adjoining half-bath for which I contracted Nicholson Builders last fall was recently completed. My purpose in writing now is to tell you how extremely pleased I am, both with the final result and the process that led to that result. From the very beginning, everyone from the company who has been involved in the project has demonstrated the highest degree of skill, professionalism, and integrity. My first contact with Nicholson Builders—apart from the unexpected welcome from you yourself when I dropped into the company offices unannounced last October—was with Brian, the Sales Manager, who in several early conversations led me through the steps involved in the renovation in a clear and straightforward way and thereafter kept an expert eye on the job as it progressed. The design work was done by Amy, who showed an amazing talent for turning my vague notions of what I thought I would like into beautiful, practical, and concrete reality. The day-to-day construction was overseen by Jeff, the Site Manager, who kept me informed on a day-by-day basis of what was happening and who was attentive to every detail as the project took shape. Under Jeff’s supervision, much of the actual construction and finishing work was done by Britt, Adam, and Tony, who were all highly expert in their jobs, as were the sub-contractors responsible for the wiring, plumbing, floor refinishing, and installation of the granite counter-top. Finally, I must mention the stunning cabinetry which was crafted by Mervin Yoder and his crew; it is truly the crowning touch. No less appreciated by me than all the foregoing is the fact that the work was completed virtually on the day initially projected and that the total cost was the same as originally quoted. Many of my neighbors have been by to see my new kitchen and half-bath and have pronounced them to be a knock-out. I could not agree more. I thank you and all who were part of the project for your dedication to exceptionally high standards of design, workmanship, and business ethics, and will be more than happy to recommend Nicholson Builders in the future to all who inquire.”
Don LarsonOld North, 5/16/12
“On time! As promised and picture perfect! Enjoyed the whole process.”
Roger and Margo SimmonsWorthington, 3/11/12
“Normally when I send you an email, I am requesting your services or advice. So I thought I’d take the time to send one just saying thanks for helping Heidi and I with the multitude of issues that arise with our home. You two and your company have been top notch and have consistently provided us excellent service. We truly appreciate it.”
Guillermo ArbonaWesterville, 3/1/12
“Every worker was extremely friendly, polite, and considerate; an amazingly talented design and construction team.”
Chris and Kathy NorthPowell, 1/23/12
“We continue to be impressed with Nicholson. Aaron did a great job communicating and was very responsive.”
Bob and Linda BauerClintonville, 12/13/11
“Everything was outstanding, but a special note to the stone work. He was the best I’ve ever seen.”
Tony and Susan VergariGahanna, 11/21/11
“All employees were knowledgeable, professional, and respectful. Great crew to work with!”
Dana and Laurie DaumLewis Center, 10/23/11
“Always a quality job!”
Susan EdisonWorthington, 10/18/11
“Aaron’s communication was thorough and timely – no surprises! Brian’s plan (design) was spot on!”
John AlexanderBeechwold, 10/2/11
“We liked working with John very much. He had great ideas and also listened to what we wanted.”
Bill and Marybeth McDonaldWorthington, 10/2/11
“You went above and beyond to make life easier for me during the project. Thanks. Great communication by all.”
Jennifer AlexanderBeechwold, 9/26/11
“The work was excellent. We are very pleased with the result. The staff was a pleasure to work with and have in our home. Bill makes his work personal. You are not just another client.”
Paul and Kimberly NadurDublin, 8/28/11
“We were happy with the project from start to finish. Nicholson was great about communicating and making sure we were satisfied throughout the process.”
Steve and Tanya HuwigClintonville, 8/14/11
“I just wanted to let you know, and please share with the entire crew, that we are really enjoying working with Nicholson. We truly appreciate the level of professionalism and work ethic among the crew. Nathan has been a dream, he is easy to work with and goes above and beyond the call of duty!”
Laurie and Dana DaumLewis Center, 7/29/11
“Everyone did an excellent job.”
Jean GirvesHilliard, 7/7/11
“You have assembled a terrific workforce. Every one of your staff that we have met and had work on our home has been diligent, conscientious, and hard working and nice guys that are friendly and interesting to boot.”
Guillermo ArbonaWesterville, 6/26/11
“Once again, you guys did a great job and exceeded our expectations!”
Dave MeskeBeechwold, 6/16/11
“Everything looks great in the laundry room. Once again, Nicholson’s work is terrific and Brian and the rest of the crew were great to work with!”
Jack and Rose AdventWesterville, 4/5/11
“I love my back porch, and I love my new shower.”
Mary Ann BontleyClintonville, 1/6/11
“Jeff Boyer was outstanding throughout, especially with communication.”
Jason GravesUpper Arlington, 12/13/10
“Very professional. They detailed everything they were going to do, provided a schedule, explained pros and cons of decisions that needed to be made around design. Met our deadline. All vendors that were used were excellent, professional and cleaned up after themselves. The whole process was effortless and stress free. Worth every penny!”
Linda Dull’s quote from Angie’s List12/6/10
“You’re crew is doing a great job. They are so courteous and neat. I will recommend them to everyone I know. Phil is a very hard worker and I appreciate all he’s doing on this job. Just wanted you to know Randy and I are so pleased with their work. Can’t wait for you to see it.”
Barb FortenerDublin, 8/18/10
“Brian, I think that everything is complete, and I just love my new kitchen and floors. Nicholson did a wonderful job and I can’t thank you and the team enough!!”
Pegge LavalleDublin, 7/16/10
“Thanks for a fantastic job on the house. The guys were excellent in every way. Nicholson should know: you’re doing something right when it’s actually a little sad for us when the job is over and the guys leave. That’s quite a credit to them (and you).”
Jason M. JanoskiOld Beechwold, 6/17/10
“Hi Bill- Congratulations to you, your teams, everyone involved! You told me a couple of years ago that you wanted to be THE BEST company in Columbus—and sure enough, it happened. I know that the skill, expertise, common sense, and fair practices you and everyone at Nicholson’s exhibit on a daily basis have been instrumental in your success. Best wishes to you.”
Connie CummingsOld Beechwold, 5/13/10
“Dear Bill and Mike- Just a note to let you know, that you two have the BEST people working for you. You have really put together an amazing team of kind people, that really take pride in their work!”
Heidi ArbonaWesterville, 4/8/10
“I just wanted to tell you that I couldn’t be happier with the results of my bathroom remodels–everything looks just great. As with my other projects with Nicholson, I was very pleased with all the guys that worked on the project from Nicholson and your subs–they were very professional, talented and respectful of my home. In addition to being exciting, remodeling can be somewhat disconcerting and stressful–your guys help to minimize that downside of the process, and I’m very appreciative.”
Dorie EisenmanWorthington, 2/8/10
“Bill, the transformation going on is amazing. Sue Ellen and I are VERY appreciative of the high quality work and attention to details.In particular, Scott has been great to work with. Your newer person, Rich, is a top notch craftsman who takes great pride in his work. We’re enjoying all of this. It’s tempting to ask you to to just finish off the whole first floor while you’re at it!”
Dave ShoupColumbus, 1/29/10
“Nicholson and his crew are simply the best. As a professor of Management, I can attest that Bill knows how to satisfy a client.”
Bob LountOld Beechwold, 12/14/09
“Impeccable work, outstanding attention to detail, and most importantly, a team of people with incredible integrity and character. On a big job it’s unavoidable that contractors become part of the family but these are guys you’ll want to invite back for the holidays.”
Demetri CapetanopoulosUpper Arlington, 11/15/09
“Your guys have done a wonderful job over here and are a pleasure to work with. The deck looks wonderful and with a fresh coat of paint this Spring we will be up and ready for entertaining!!!! They’ve been communicating every little detail to me, and I appreciate that….you are the best!!!”
Amy ChapmanPowell, 11/3/09
“Brian- Thanks for the great work you guys did. We are really happy with the way it has all turned out. The kitchen is beautiful!”
Lucette WrightBeechwold, 10/27/09
“Bill, I absolutely love our new kitchen. Thank you so much. I have nothing but positive things to say about you and your company, and all the people that compose it.”
Heidi ArbonaWesterville, 3/5/09
“We have done at least a dozen large and small projects with Nicholson, and I can recommend them without any hesitation to anyone considering remodeling, construction, or modifications.”
Guido and Gwynyth Mislin’s Quote from Angie’s ListUpper Arlington, 1/25/09
“Hi, John. We are so happy with our “new” home, and we are enjoying it every day. The new mudroom is awesome in this weather, too! Thanks for the follow-up on the floors.”
Diana DurosUpper Arlington, 1/21/09
“Bill, I also just wanted to reiterate how pleased we are overall with all of the work Nicholson has performed for us. Over the Holidays we had family in from out of town and we just get tons of compliments on the house. The Bathroom and Kitchen were done in 2004 and 2005 and they look great. All of the attention paid to those little details really makes the difference. Plus, I am always hearing horror stories of people remodeling and having problems with their contractor and the misery that it causes them. I can not even emphasize how happy I am not to have to worry or even think about that with any job we are hiring Nicholson to complete.”
Jack KukuraMarble Cliff, 1/5/09
“I was extremely pleased with the entire remodeling process from day one. Just continue doing the outstanding work that you do. You guys are great!
Ann SchlatterClintonville, 12/18/08
“Hello, Bill. The kitchen is looking better than we could have imagined. Truly spectacular!”
Guillermo ArbonaWesterville, 12/23/08
“Dave, thanks for the update. We’re amazed at the fast progress and quality of work.”
Bob and LindaClintonville, 12/22/08
“Hi Mike! I wanted to let you know that the boys and I were all sick last week, so I didn’t say to much to the guys working on the house. But, I introduced myself when they were finished, and the person I talked to was so over the top nice and professional. Such a nice guy! Just thought I’d let you know.”
Mollie HoodWesterville, 12/16/08
“Steve and I really enjoyed working with you and are very happy with how it all turned out.” -Cindy and Steve Bruns – CLINTONVILLE -10/17/08
Cindy and Steve BrunsClintonville, 10/17/08
“They came out and remodeled my master bathroom, hallway and stairway. My experience with them was excellent. I would highly recommend them. Their planning and design is excellent. It fit our interest perfectly. The quality of the work and attention to detail was great. All of the subcontractors were excellent. They were pleasant to work with. They were willing to work with us on many of the changes that we wanted to make. They gave us a schedule of what would be done each week. The price is fair for the quality of the work.”
Maria Steinbaugh’s quote from Angie’s ListWesterville, 10/8/08
“Excellent service! Great employees – all have been with Nicholson for a while which speaks volumes about the company.”
Chris and Mary GardnerBexley, 10/25/05
“I was pleased with all facets of this operation. I loved the 3D animation of what the room would look like. It was very helpful.”
Penny MooreWesterville, 10/8/08
“They came to my house and extended my bathrooom and incorporated the porch space into the house. The service was great . They were professional. Everything was done in a timely matter. Once they started we had a schedule so that I knew when they were coming. They had a detailed contract that I signed so there were no surprises . I would highly recommend them.”
Jane Young’s quote from Angie’s ListClintonville, 9/30/08
“We’ve hired some other companies for miscellaneous, masonry and gutters – none of them has measured up to your standards!”
Bridget O’Reilly and David KayuhaBeechwold, 9/26/08
“They did very good work. They were great at paying attention to great detail. They were able to finish the project in a timely manner. They also were good at communicating with us, especially so that they knew exactly what we wanted.”
Kimberly Dennis’ quote from Angie’s ListUpper Arlington, 9/24/08
“Totally satisfied with the project. It turned out better than we had imagined!”
Jane YoungClintonville, 9/10/08
“Hi Bill, I just want to commend you on having such a great crew. It’s a treat to come home at the end of the day to a clean house after there’s been demolition going on all day.”
Guillermo ArbonaWesterville, 9/4/08
“They are one of the best companies we have ever used. They were on time everyday. They were very respectful of me and my home. They cleaned everything up at the end of the day. We are very pleased with the results. We felt comfortable with all of them in our home.”
Elizabeth Stross’ quote on Angie’s ListUpper Arlington, 9/3/08
“As always, great job and customer service.”
David SheflerClintonville
“Thank you all. We are very pleased and have enjoyed working with everyone at Nicholson.”
Terri and GraceClintonville
“Jeremy was critical to our experience. He went above and beyond our expectations. Both his technical skills and service orientation were excellent. We will definitely look to Nicholson for future projects and will ask for Jeremy as project manager. We are delighted with the outcome of this investment.”
Candice BarnhardtDublin
“The quality of work done to date has been fantastic, and all the guys we have met so far are great guys. Congrats on a superior company you have built!”
David and Rusty FumiUpper Arlington
“Let me just say that we are loving our new space! It is so useful and has really changed the way we use our home.”
Jim and Diane RayClintonville
“John, I was just at the house, and you should see how SWEET it is coming together! The lights are so perfect — thanks for changing my mind and picking something really awesome — they are very elegant!!!”
Ann SchlatterClintonville
“Hi Bill, I just wanted you to know we really appreciate all the work you did on our home and please pass on to Tom that he was so great with our project. I feel bad he was on vacation when we had the Nicholson clan over for the cookout and just want him to know we really did appreciate all he did for us. He is such a hard worker. Thanks again!”
Kim SchaeferMarble Cliff
“As for “being the best”, NBI is well on the way: commitment to excellence, attention to architectural detail, and taking ownership of the project, all unsurpassed in our experience.”
David JohnsonGrandview
“To all the guys at Nicholson, Thanks for always seeing the details as well as the bigger picture, I really appreciate your work ethic and craftsmanship. It is always a pleasure to work with all of you.”
Christine McKiterickUpper Arlington
“Thanks, John. Jay Williams told me about your award – Congratulations!!! That’s quite an accomplishment and I know how you did it- uncompromising quality. Excellent business philosophy and it works!”
Gwynyth MislinUpper Arlington
“We had Sarah’s family over for Thanksgiving dinner, and when it was over, she told me that she “loves” her house. I don’t know how much we told you during the initial stages of researching the construction, but she was very much for moving instead of “adding on”. I think that this was the first time I’ve heard her actually say that we had made the right decision by staying put, even though I knew all along, it was very reassuring to hear it from her. Have a great week!”
Dave MeskeBeechwold
“Your guys are awesome! Karen is awesome! You should be grateful to have them on your staff!”
Ann SchlatterClintonville
“It will be a sad week – I hate to see all the guys leave!!! I’ve enjoyed the whole remodeling process!”
Ann SchlatterClintonville
“Hi John. Wow! The addition is framed in and the roof line is awesome. We love the way it looks. You are the Man!
Diana DurosUpper Arlington
“Scott, while I had a moment I wanted to say thanks for the high quality work. This would be the first time in my life someone ever did work better than I thought I could do it myself. Your guys were courteous, clean, organized, and did everything as well as could be asked for. Put me on your list of people that others can call for recommendations.”
Pat TumeoBlacklick
“Absolutely the best such experience we have had over a 48 year period and 7 homes.”
Patrick MooreUpper Arlington
“Our best remodeling experience ever. We have recommended Nicholson to several friends and will use them for future projects.”
Christine McKiterickUpper Arlington
“We were amazed at the level of professionalism and quality we received. At the end of each day, our house was cleaned up. Remodeling is a major inconvenience but with Nicholson Builders, the process was painless and hassle-free. We love our new kitchen. It’s perfect.”
David SheflerBeechwold
“Everything was great and I love my new kitchen.”
Linda WilhemiDublin
“Our project manager “Chuck” was wonderful. He went out of his way to make sure we were satisfied and got the bathroom we wanted.”
Mike and Sherrie MooreDublin
“We feel that Nicholson was responsive, professional, communicated well, respectful of the client/provider relationship, neat and clean, kept to the agreed-upon schedule, and used good subcontractors.”
Robert TannehillUpper Arlington
“Thanks, John. I appreciate your dedication to this job!!!”
Ann SchlatterClintonville
“Excellent service. Jeff kept us advised throughout the project of what was happening and when.”
Mike and Teri PonzaniClintonville
“Salesmanship was excellent because it was not pushy. Mike and Chuck were very easy to deal with.”
Kathy SloneWesterville
“You have done a fantastic job and we would like to work with you again in the future.”
Ana MutisUpper Arlington
“Tom is great to work with, dedicated, understands client service, and very attentive to detail. You should be certain to keep him on board, as he is a fine representative of your company.”
David and Joanie JohnsonGrandview
“An excellent company to work with. The quality of the craftsmanship, their responsiveness to concerns and their talented, polite, non-smoking employees are unsurpassed.”
Margaret CunninghamUpper Arlington
“Excellent in every aspect and every detail.”
Bill and Becky StewartUpper Arlington
“Project was thoroughly prepped and executed. Results were beautiful.”
Melissa EllisBeechwold
“I liked the open communication and that you did what you said you would and if there was a problem, you were up front and honest about it.”
Gretchen IckertWorthington